Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day one of school

On arrival in school that Monday morning, the gate is closed and the security guard tells us that the school is to be opened the next day. This is after being in communication with the teacher the whole of December and Jan 2nd.

On calling her the answer is simple, 'I could have forgotten to mention that only the teachers were coming on Monday and the kids on Tuesday.' ARRRRGGGGHHHH! Did I look like a teacher?

I drive back home but the powers that be will not take it lightly. I think next time I should reconfirm if EVERYONE is opening on Monday. I wonder how some minds reason, but hey, could be what makes them who they are, right.

Ok, so its next morning again on the road.......I kinda like driving to Westlands, the traffic is so flowing I could zigzag on the road without a care in the world, only I can't do it.

Day one is school is uneventful, toto looks happy to be with other kids and he bonds and blends nicely. The school transport is late in dropping him, apparently there's a snarl-up on Mbagathi and the dere cant overlap.........blaaaa blaaaa blaaaa. The toi is so exhausted when he gets home that after a shower he cannot even talk, just dozes off after a quick snack.

Day 3 is ok though the boy starts acting up. He doesn't want to go to school...... Did I speak too soon? Well, I just dance to his tune but I know how to handle him, manage to carry him down to the van. On depositing him in it, its drama again, he either wants me in it our with him, outside. I try to convince him how nice the other kids are and will be nice to him but he doesn't seem convinced. They drive off but I know he will not cry as he cannot do that in front of other kids, PRIDE.

Day 4, which is a Friday is the hardest days of all. He will not even look at his school shirt, he wants to wear his red t-shirt and wont wear his shoes either! Damn! What to do. Daddy comes to pick him up and he still is not happy. In the car he looks at me with those 'woiye' eyes I want to cry but he has to go to school.

15 mins later daddy calls..... the boy is hysterical. He doesn't want to go to class and is just screaming at the top of his lungs. So? Mummy comes to the rescue. My assurance that he'll be fine doesn't do much to calm both nerves. Men! Arrrrgggghhhhh!

Solution...call teacher Mary to come pick him from the car and he goes about screaming and daddy is lost. Teacher says that he only cried for a short while coz daddy was there and when in class he's a perfect gentleman. I find that hard to believe. Not the toi I know. But was not an eventful week as such. And he looks cute in uniform.

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